ISO Risk Management 

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Risk Management skills with ISO Training

Introducing Cybersecurity ISO Risk Management

CyberNas offers a wide range of accredited ISO training programs designed to certify professionals in various expertise areas, contributing positively to both individual career growth and organizational success. 

Our globally recognized certifications, led by industry experts, cover critical domains such as Information Security, Risk Management, and Digital Transformation. 

Embrace the opportunity to advance your professional journey and achieve excellence in the digital world.

Courses we provide

Information Security

ISO/IEC 27001
ISO/IEC 27002
PECB Chief Information
Security Officer
Risk Assessment Methods
ISO/IEC 27005

Cyber security

Cybersecurity Management
Cloud Security
Penetration Testing
Ethical Hacking

Continuity, Resilience, And Recovery

ISO 22301
Disaster Recovery
ISO 22317
Crisis Management

Who should attend?

These courses are ideal for professionals aiming to excel in the fields of information security, risk managers, compliance officers and It managers.
Why are ISO certifications important for your career?
ISO certifications are globally recognized credentials that validate your information security and risk management expertise.

Holding such certifications demonstrates your commitment to maintaining high-security standards and can significantly enhance your career opportunities and progression.
What you will learn?
Our Cybersecurity ISO Risk Management Training equips participants with:

– In-depth understanding of ISO standards related to information security and risk management.

Skills to implement, manage, and audit an ISO-compliant risk management framework.

Strategies to identify, evaluate, and manage risks effectively within your organization.

Knowledge to enhance data protection, compliance, and security measures.

Ability to lead and manage teams toward ISO certification and continual improvement.
How can this training benefit your organization?
By mastering ISO standards and risk management techniques, you can play a pivotal role in strengthening your organization’s security posture.

This training empowers you to lead efforts in minimizing risks, ensuring compliance, and protecting against data breaches and other security threats.

Ready to join?

Step into the realm of global standards with Cybersecurity ISO Risk Management Training. 

Whether you’re seeking to bolster your organization’s compliance posture, manage risks with confidence, or lead your team toward ISO certification, CyberNas provides the pathway to achieve your goals.